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Goal eleven

Eliminate gender inequality.


Goal eleven's mission statement is to dismantle institutionalized misogyny, eliminate the wage gap between genders, and promote inclusivity of all genders.


  • In many countries, women are paid less than men for the same labor

  • Women have less political representation

  • Women tend to occupy subordinate positions at work and at home

  • Girls are less likely to receive an education


  • Cultural influences that prevent girls from receiving an education

  • Fixed ideologies that confine the roles of women 

  • Lack of motivation for females to foster interest in male-dominated fields and vice versa


  • Rape, harassment, and abuse

  • Stifled human development

  • Sexual exploitation issues

  • Slower economic progression as a result of not tapping into the full potential of half the population


  • Enforce equal pay for equal work

  • Equal access to basic education in underserved and impoverished communities

  • Design policies that prevent discriminatory practices

  • Educate all genders on financial literacy

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End corruption in societies. 

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Promote interfaith understanding.

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