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Opportunity doesn't stop.

As a college student, you're now entering an entirely new phase of your life and personal self discovery. As such, Next Generation Nations allows you to partake in our programs by simply chartering a club.

Similar to a high school club, you'll have access to our Corporate Connections Webinar, SpeakUp, and vPodcast programs. 

At this time we do not have any competitions open for college students, but this will change in the near future. Keep an eye open on our social media!

why should i charter a club?


Next Generation Nations prides ourselves on being able to provide students with the opportunity to network with real business professionals. As a college student, this helps you in the following ways:

  • Expansion of your network in a business setting via acquisition of contacts that will work with you

  • Potential internship opportunities (dependent on business professional)

  • Gaining of perspective on what you actually need to succeed 

Personal Brand.

The vPodcast and SpeakUp programs are huge assets that NGN can offer you. College is busy, and we get that. However, especially with the constantly changing state of politics and the world, it's important for us to get our ideas and experiences into the world. 

For more information on what vPodcasts and SpeakUp are, be sure to click on the buttons. If you're interested in chartering a club, click on the charter button.

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