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What are our programs?

Next Generation Nations' programs are designed to stimulate the creative energy of students . These programs make use of external partners of Next Generation Nations to offer unique services to students registered within our chapters. 

Our current programs include the following:

  • SpeakUp

  • vPodcasts

  • High School Clubs

  • College/University Clubs

  • Adult Mentorship Programs

  • Presidential Volunteer Service Award

These programs all offer unique benefits and experiences. If you are a university student or high school student, you are required to register a chapter with Next Generation Nations to have access to any of the programs. 

Chartering a club

If you want access to all of Next Generation Nations' programs, including our prestigious NGN Global Challenges Conference, you must be part of a chartered club. 

Here's how to fill it out. 

Firstly, we'll ask for some basic personal info. This is just to track our demographics and so we have a point of contact with you.

We'll then ask you if you're chartering a school or community club. There's no difference between the two outside of who your advisor is. If your advisor is a teacher at school, you'll have a school club. If your advisor is an adult (above age 18) then you'll have a community club. 

We'll then ask for your location. We do this to ensure that you're not chartering a club in an area with an already established club. 

Finally, we'll ask for info about your advisor. This is essential as we need an adult point of contact. If you are above the age of 18, you do not need an advisor.

Once you're finished, be sure to email and to have your club verified and approved. 

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Next Generation Nations' SpeakUp program is an opportunity for you to produce videos featuring speakers from all backgrounds. Depending on your background and where you want to host the SpeakUp, there's a variety of sub-programs that apply to you. If you want a way to utilize a platform with thousands of listeners, SpeakUp is the platform for you. Click on the button to learn more. 

Next Generation Nations' vPodcasts program is a way for you to produce a podcast of your very own without having to pay for anything. By opening a chapter, you get access to publishing your podcast on notable platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and the official Next Generation Nations YouTube channel. If you're interested in creating a web show or audio podcast, you'll love vPodcasts. Click on the button to learn more. 

If you're a high schooler and want to bring the opportunity to compete in seed money competitions worth thousands of dollars to students at your school, Next Generation Nations is the organization for you. In tandem with this, high school chapters also get access to all programs and events NGN holds. Click on the button to learn more, including how to charter a club. 

If you're a college student and are hoping to partake in the NGN Global Challenges Conference, utilize any of our programs, or attend any of our events, Next Generation Nations also has a home for you. Click on the button to learn more, including how to charter a club.

If you're an adult business professional and want to empower the youth, Next Generation Nations is the place for you. We offer positions ranging from judges to direct mentorships. Next Generation Nation relies on a partnership between the youth and adults, and you can help further this connection today. Click on the button to learn more.


If you're a student aiming to receive a service award for your volunteer service, you can do so via Next Generation Nations. By chartering a club, you can get access to the esteemed President's Volunteer Service Award. Click on the button to learn more.  

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