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Next Generation Nations' flagship competition, the NGN Global Challenges Conference, is held annually to provide thousands of dollars in seed money to hopefuls aiming to earn money for their projects. To learn more about what this competition is about and how you can get involved, click on the button.

Next Generation Nations' webinar series, Corporate Connections, is held as a way for students to get connected with real business professionals as a way to advance their career. To learn more on how you can attend one of these webinars, click on the button. 

Next Generation Nations has a rich history of competitions that we offer to our students. To visit our archives and visit recaps of competitions (which include old pitches, papers, and more unique content), visit our previous competitions page by clicking on the button.

Next Generation Nations has launched our 2022 Social Justice Hackathon. To learn more about the goals and ideas, join our team, create your own team, and compete with others, click on the button.

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