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Our Brand.

Learn all about our brand, including what our ideology was, what we stand for, and what we aim to do. 

Our locations.

We're located around the world. Find a club near you. 

Our Team.

Meet the corporate professionals and student leaders who bring you Next Generation Nations.

Our Dream

The others teach you how to do it. Next Generation Nations lets you do it. 

Next Generation Nations is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to give students around the world a chance to succeed and to make a real difference. We do this by holding webinars, events, and giving students a chance to win thousands of dollars through our annual Next Generation Nations Global Challenges Conference (NGCC). This competition allows students to pitch their projects, ideas, and campaigns to real venture capitalists. Projects that do well are given seed money, allowing students' dreams to come true. 

Mission Statement

To educate and engage the next generation for leadership in solving global issues.


Moonshoot vision

To empower the next generation to solve problems affecting the progress of societies around the world by the year 2120.

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2120 Goals

Next Generation Nations has identified twenty-one goals that we aim to solve by the year 2120. These goals are all relating to societal, global, or environmental problems. We solve these through enabling student projects that tackle these problems head-on. 

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