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Our Team

Board of directors

Sanjeev Tanna, Founder

Sanjeev Tanna is the founder and CEO of Next Generation Nations (NGN). Sanjeev’s education and background is in engineering. He worked as an engineering program manager for a Silicon Valley-based medical devices and technology firm before launching his own consulting firm – Intanna Corporation.

In 2017, Sanjeev launched Tanna Education and Awareness aka Next Generation Nations out of concern for his 6-year-old son, who will need to survive and thrive in a world with global issues growing in scope and complexity. Sanjeev initiated a project, NGN with a moonshot vision to eliminate local and global issues within a hundred years by educating and engaging youth. He recently began producing and hosting a community channel TV program, ST World Affairs.

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Anisha Tekwani

Anisha is a senior IT compliance manager at Oracle, Inc. She is also a member of the board of directors of ISACA, Silicon Valley chapter. At Oracle, she is responsible for ensuring cyber security, privacy and data protection policies and procedures comply with regulatory and ethical standards.

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Steve Woodard

Steve is the Founder & CEO of Alacrity, Inc., a Medtech Engineering, Regulatory, and Quality consulting firm located in San Jose, CA and Carson City, NV. Since 2006, Alacrity has collaborated with clients ranging in size from virtual startups to multinational corporations on over 48 Class II and Class III projects.  Steve is an alumnus of UC Davis (BS, Mechanical Engineering) and Santa Clara University (MS, Mechanical Engineering).


Areas of interest include:

·       Designing elegant products

·       Accelerating product realization

·       Innovating solutions to complex problems

·       Fostering genuine relationships

·       Developing sound strategies

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Rajesh Shah

Rajesh is a consulting engineer at Cavium Inc (acquired by Marvell Semiconductor). Rajesh has contributed in Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies in a key system architecture role. Along with his technical career, Rajesh also has been actively serving multiple years as an executive member for non-profit organizations.  He has been involved mainly in advocating and educating compassion towards animals, and a vegan lifestyle.   Besides that, Rajesh also has been involved in self learning about world religions and evolution of human societies. He believes that world religions have evolved with observation and with understanding of the environment in which humans have lived, and he is a believer that science and technology go hand in hand with religious principles. 

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International Cabinet

Adya Gupta.JPG

Adya Gupta,
Vice President

Adya Gupta is a middle school student residing in California. She joined NGN because she likes the idea of making a positive difference in her community. She loves to play sports and bake.


Elaheh Khazi, Vice President of Public Relations and Journalism

Elaheh Khazi is currently a high school student residing in California. She joined NGN to pursue her passion for community work and advocacy. She loves to cook Persian food, play the piano, and write poetry.  

vp finance picture.JPG

Siddharth Srinivasan,
Vice President of Finance

Siddharth Srinivasan is a rising high school junior. He joined NGN in order to further his goals in changing the world and helping the community. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, basketball, and coding.

Asim Ali.JPG

Asim Ali,
Vice President of Events

Asim Ali is a high school student from Fremont, California. He joined NGN to give opportunities to those in need. He loves to run, play video games, and hang out with friends.

Umika Kuricheti.png

Umika Kuricheti,
Vice President of Events

Umika Kuricheti is currently a high school senior in Illinois. She feels a sense of responsibility to support her community and provide justice for unmet issues to the best of her ability. She enjoys computer science and mathematics and has immersed in them through tutoring, competing, and researching.

Admissions Crew PFP.JPG

Shreya Balasubramanian, President

Shreya Balasubramanian is a high school senior residing in California. She joined NGN because she is passionate about bettering the quality of life in communities across the globe. Shreya hopes to involve more of today’s youth in achieving the 2120 goals while also guiding them to become successful leaders.

akhil vemuri picture.PNG

Akhil Vemuri, President

Akhil Vemuri is a high school student residing in California. He joined NGN to help those in his community and is working to better the future with NGN by fulfilling the 2120 goals. 

Aaryan Suri.JPG

Aaryan Suri,
Vice President

Aaryan Suri is a high school student residing in California. He joined NGN with the goal of accomplishing the 2120 goals and helping those around him. In his free time, he enjoys playing volleyball and programming.

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