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Empower the youth

Next Generation Nations depends on a coalition of adults and students to help progress the world. As such, we're looking for talent like you to assist the youth. Before we get into responsibilities, however, let's take a closer look on why exactly you should take part in Next Generation Nations. 

Firstly, it is essential to understand our central mission. There are two components to our vision: empowering the youth and solving 21 global issues. The key idea is that allowing students to get real world experience facilitates greater competence for any social entrepreneurship venture they may take up. 

For more information on our vision, feel free to click the button to be redirected to our about page. 

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Available roles

We have a wide array of volunteer roles available for adults. Please keep reading to learn more. 



Role that requires meetings with NGN Global Challenges Participants (January to June)

Provision of guidance and advice to help improve ideation process, pitching, feasibility of product or idea, and execution of idea

25 hour total commitment over 6 months

Training on mentorship will be provided

Must be currently employed and have experience working with business or nonprofit ventures

Contacted whenever an event that requires judging takes place over the academic year (August to June)

20 hour total commitment over 10 months

Training on how to judge will be provided

No prior judging experience necessary


Contacted for webinar events and SpeakUp events on a per need basis

2 hour total commitment

Must create a slideshow or visual aid to go along with talk


Contacted during the final round of NGCC to listen to participant pitches (June)

5 hour total commitment over one day

Must be willing to provide monetary support to student led projects

join us today!

To ensure volunteer quality, we have a few prerequisites that must be met.

  • Be above the age of 18

  • Experience in any specific field (ex. STEM, Humanities, or anything else you can think of)

  • Have a LinkedIn profile

  • Completion of presenter consent form

  • Willingness to be promoted on NGN Social Media

  • Completion of professional ambassador form 

After you fill out the form, you'll be contacted to confirm your position as part of the NGN team.

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