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The Next Generation Nations newsletter is a great opportunity for you to learn about important world events, our 2120 goals, and NGN related opportunities. In this newsletter, we go over ways you can support the youth as well as promote amazing events like webinars and seed money competitions. Furthermore, our newsletter gives you access to exclusive content, such as interviews with important business magnates or opportunities for giveaways. 

Let's be concise, though. Why should you sign up for the newsletter?

  • Learn more about Next Generation Nations as an organization

  • Gain valuable insight pertaining to the 2120 goals 

  • Get updates on successful projects from NGCC 

  • See amazing highlights from our amazing chapters

  • Read interviews from various business professionals

  • Potentially winning giveaways

If you're a student taking part in NGN, you should definitely sign up so you can get access to the following:

  • Leadership opportunities within NGN

  • Early signups for webinars

  • Access to state-held events 

  • Knowledge on the direction of NGN

Make sure to sign up today!


If you're interested in inserting an advertisement into our newsletter, here's how you can do so:

  1. Design your advertisement

  2. Submit your advertisement to

  3. Upon submission, we will discuss pricing based on the size of the advertisement and amount of time you wish to advertise for

  4. Complete payment agreements

  5. Your advertisement will now be in the newsletter!

Advertising in our newsletter is an amazing idea due to how we have thousands of readers around the world, ranging from eager students to business professionals. 

For any further inquiries, contact

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