Goal four

Eliminate and prevent poverty.


Goal four's mission statement is to reduce the number of people residing below the poverty line and decrease the rate at which people fall under the radar; thus, it aims to ensure that poverty rates go down and sufficient job wages are settled.


  • Several people lack access to food, water, and sanitation services

  • In addition, some are unable to gain access to education because they cannot afford the cost or cannot afford to leave their families

    • This could result from working jobs to help sustain their families ​


  • War and political instabilities 

  • Gender wages and other discriminatory wages against race, gender, sexual identity, and age

  • Government expidenture


  • Higher crime rates are generally associated with low-income communities

  • Insufficient education can lead to the inability to apply for well-paying jobs, resulting in low-pay and longer hours in such industries

  • Mortality rates, especially those of infants are proven to have decreased dramatically in low-income communities


  • Provide education access to all, no matter their social status

  • Increase job opportunities in struggling communities

  • Increase financial literacy for the young and elderly to help them become more self-sufficient

  • Reduce government corruption and aid struggling communities 


What is Fractional Ownership ?

Designed specifically for people who wish to own a holiday home, but don’t want to have the worry, burden and complexity of personally managing their property but just want to arrive and have all the time to enjoy their second home.
Collective ownership, or Fractional Ownership, provides a share in a limited UK company that owns a property asset valued at over €1.5M. Allowing you to enjoy a luxury life style without committing significant capital on a property that you would only use for a few weeks a year.

Isnt this just a time share under another name ?

This is important as the fractional (or collective) ownership purchasing model should not be confused with timeshare arrangement. Once the share purchase is made, the owner can sell or pass on the share to family members.

What extra costs are involved ?

It is advisable that you seek and appoint your own independent legal counsel. We are happy to introduce a legal firm that has already successfully and satisfactorily advised all of our existing owners. The additional costs to expect therefore are:

  • The costs of your legal counsel
  • UK Government stamp duty currently 0.5% of the share purchase price

How long has the fractional ownership model been around ?

People have long shared the costs of holiday homes among family, friends, and partners. Various collective ownership properties have existed in major resort destinations of Europe since the 1970s. New projects specifically designed for fractional ownership began appearing in the 1990s and have increased in numbers throughout Europe.

What type of people does fractional ownership suit ?

Fractional ownership is flexible and is attractive to people who may have capital tied up in other investments but still want to enjoy a high-end property. Equally it appeals to people who want a well-managed property and who realise they can only enjoy their property for a month or so each year.
It is suitable for:

  • Frequent visitors who are interested in buying overseas but want to experience the resort or location before committing to whole ownership
  • People who would like to invest in property in several different countries or resort locations to reduce their financial commitment in a single destination
  • People who could afford whole ownership of a holiday home but would not use it sufficiently to justify a whole purchase
  • Buyers who could afford a cheaper second home but really want to spend time at a larger, higher specification holiday property

Can I buy a share with someone else ?

Yes, you can purchase a share with a friend, family member or business associate. Each of their names would go into the fractional ownership documents and they would collectively be treated as one entity by the management company and other owners. These joint buyers would have to determine for themselves how they would share the use and enjoyment of their Fractional Ownership share.

Who pays the bills ?

The appointed property management company will process and pay all related bills, collect condominium fees and provide all accounting services necessary to manage the property. The fractional owners share equally the annual costs for the operation and upkeep of the fractional property including the cost of maintaining the amenities, the cost of utilities plus any applicable property taxes and insurance.

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