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Goal four

Eliminate and prevent poverty.


Goal four's mission statement is to reduce the number of people residing below the poverty line and decrease the rate at which people fall under the radar; thus, it aims to ensure that poverty rates go down and sufficient job wages are settled.


  • Several people lack access to food, water, and sanitation services

  • In addition, some are unable to gain access to education because they cannot afford the cost or cannot afford to leave their families

    • This could result from working jobs to help sustain their families ​


  • War and political instabilities 

  • Gender wages and other discriminatory wages against race, gender, sexual identity, and age

  • Government expidenture


  • Higher crime rates are generally associated with low-income communities

  • Insufficient education can lead to the inability to apply for well-paying jobs, resulting in low-pay and longer hours in such industries

  • Mortality rates, especially those of infants are proven to have decreased dramatically in low-income communities


  • Provide education access to all, no matter their social status

  • Increase job opportunities in struggling communities

  • Increase financial literacy for the young and elderly to help them become more self-sufficient

  • Reduce government corruption and aid struggling communities 

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Affordable housing for all.

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Healthcare access for all.

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