Goal Three

Affordable housing for all.


Goal three's mission statement is to guarantee affordable and modern housing for those who do not have access to a safe, sheltered area. 


  • Large numbers of people are reported to be homeless/cannot afford to purchase a home or even pay to live in a shelter.

  • Up-and-coming urban areas lack affordable housing

  • Rapidly growing urban populations results in limited housing 


  • Insufficient public housing policies, lack of planning, and poor governance

  • Minimum wages make finding shelter difficult for those living under the poverty line

  • Labor and material costs dramatically increased


  • Improper and unsafe housing can lead to unsanitary living conditions.

    • This can result in disease and even death​

  • Almost 800 million people do not have access to clean water

  • About 150 million people are homeless and cannot afford to live in houses

  • Almost 1.6 billion people live without adequate housing

  • Refurbishing and reintegrating efficient and affordable housing would cost a large sum of money  


  • Introduce non-discriminatory government policies to promote affordable housing for low-income households

  • Build affordable, inexpensive, diverse, and safe housing 

  • Adopt more efficient construction processes and reduce operation and management costs through housing grants to ensure that finished housing units are affordable


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