Goal two

water and sanitation access.


Goal two's mission statement is to guarantee access to safe drinking water and modern sanitation for all, no matter their location or economic status. 


  • Large regions do not have readily available sources to clean water nor sanitation

  • Service areas don't have adequate equipment


  • Inefficient and insufficient water supply systems

  • Rising demands by growing population, agriculture and industrial needs

  • Weak investments in public water management infrastructure and even lesser investments in sanitation

  • Droughts and natural disasters

  • Outdated irrigation policies in farming


  • 1 in 3 people lack access to a safe and clean toilet

  • Inadequate sanitation and unsafe drinking water are public health hazards and the leading cause of infectious diseases 

  • Poor sanitation impacts economic growth

  • Girls are unable to access feminine hygiene products 


  • Greater effort and cooperation is needed from governments and businesses

  • Projects in schools that think of innovative and economical solutions 

  • Funding dedicated to clean water and sanitation infrastructure

  • Explore technologically advanced and safe practices to treat water 


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