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Goal One

Eliminate hunger.


Goal one's mission statement is to attain food security, eliminate hunger, and ensure a sustainable supply of affordable and nutritious food for all. 


  • Lack of nutritious food worldwide

  • Food surpluses not reaching the needy

  • Child malnutrition

  • Inaccessibility to cultivated land 

  • Rising food prices


  • Unequal economic growth, poverty, and unemployment

  • Food shortages

  • Climate change

  • Equal resource access opportunity

  • Armed conflicts and war

  • A lack of arable land


  • Child malnourishment increases dropout rates 

  • High food prices contributes towards poverty

  • Global warming contributes towards water shortages

  • Migrations to urban areas leads to greater food demand


  • Developing self-sustainable societies 

  • Policy reforms to eliminate unequal resource access

  • Ending armed conflicts

  • Provision of resources and employment to refugees 

  • Generating efficient food security programs

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Previous goal

Ensure no one is left behind.

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Next goal

Access to clean water and sanitation.

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