goal twenty one

no one is left behind.


Goal twenty one's mission statement is to ensure the world is inclusive, collaborative, and no one is left behind, and to protect human rights and show respect for the dignity of all life forms. 


  • Wealth inequality

  • Social exclusion

  • A lack of inclusive education

  • Lasting effects of neocolonialism and colonization

  • Gender inequality

  • Domestic Violence

  • Unlawful torture and detention


  • Poor attitudes towards others

  • Prejudices 

  • Greed for power and land

  • Preconceived notions or stereotypes

  • Laws that do not acknowledge human rights

  • Misogyny and inequality

  • Suppression of free speech


  • Lack of productivity within firms

  • Intergenerational poverty and exclusion from education

  • Unfair land distribution

  • Intolerance and continued prejudices

  • Continued corruption within government institutions

  • Gender inequality


  • Promoting volunteerism across all levels of a community

  • Creation of inclusive laws and social institutions

  • Education reform to acknowledge learning differences

  • Promotion of the unique talents of individuals

  • Advocacy for tolerance


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