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goal twenty

engage and empower youth in community development.


Goal twenty's mission statement is to connect, partner, engage, empower, and unite youth for the common purpose of solving local to global issues, to build and sustain a network of youth-led activism, and promote digital access for all. 


  • Lack of organizations that empower the youth

  • Failure to educate children about global issues

  • Lack of education concerning other cultures and traditions

  • Developed nations failing to empower the youth 


  • Outdated school curriculum

  • Schools failing to educate students to think on the global scale

  • Unhealthy focus on exam results and academic excellence prevents students from engaging with the real world


  • People are more likely to take action when they are educated about global issues

  • A failure to empower the youth leads to political inactivity 

  • Youth movements and campaigning leads towards tangible change


  • Developing programs in which the youth lead engagement with global challenges

  • Curriculum concerning global issues must be instituted within modern education systems in order to empower students

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Previous goal

Prepare the next generation for future work.

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Next goal

Ensure no one is left behind.

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