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Goal nineteen

Prepare the next gen for future work.


Goal nineteen's mission statement is to prepare the next generation for the future work.


  • Jobs of the future are likely to be less labor-intensive

  • More positions currently remain vacant for STEM-related roles 

  • Critical thinking will be core soft skill requirements 

  • Adaptability and the agility to acquire new skills will be vital in order to succeed


  • Technological changes

  • The rise in AI and robotics has phased out the demand for labor in many fields

  • Failure to predict and foresee the type of roles that will arise.

  • Evolving expectations in the quality and standard of job applicants 


  • More jobs will sit higher up the value chain 

  • AI and robots will be expected to provide services and manufacture in the future

  • Job markets become more dynamic

  • A need for more workers to frequently update their skills


  • Adjust elementary education

  • Infuse STEM education 

  • Teach students ethics, creativity, adaptability and interpersonal skills

  • Encourage corporations and educational institutions to partner on a continuing education initiative

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Previous goal

Champion space for planetary protection.

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Next goal

Engage and empower youth in community development.

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