goal eighteen

champion space for planetary protection.


Goal eighteen's mission statement is to protect Earth from hazardous asteroids, severe space weather and unknown risks, reduce space debris, innovate space technology, champion building space colonies, and to develop technologies for interstellar travel.


  • Space junk, or non-functioning hardware and bits of debris floating in Earth's orbit

  • Space hazard, or the chance that a massive asteroid collides with Earth.

  • Lack of space colonies


  • A lack of funds for government space programs 

  • Current technology is not advanced enough for deep interstellar travel

  • Unexplored areas of space could be dangerous


  • Being able to explore space can help colonize other planets

  • It can help build technologies previously unimaginable

  • Help clear space

  • Set up a future for generations to come


  • Declutter apace and get rid of debris

  • Build technology suited for space travel

  • Build colonies on different planets

  • Develop technologies to ascertain the risk of severe space weather and unknown risks


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