Goal seventeen

Safely integrate ai and robotics into society.


Goal seventeen's mission statement is to integrate robots and artificial intelligence (A.I.) into our society so they can improve human conditions, ensuring humans keep the upper hand.


  • Humans are less efficient than robots 

  • Lack of regulation in the area of AI

  • Humans run the risk of losing control

  • Machines can lack human empathy and emotional in conflict


  • Corporations surrender their full operations to maintain profit margins

  • Businesses feel that AI and robots perform better than humans

  • The Bottom Line affects all decisions being made


  • AI and robotics increase productivity 

  • Threatens to displace millions of jobs

  • Older employees and those with disabilities can be integrated into the workforce

  • Widened wage gaps 


  • Regroup work roles so that humans supervise the work processes of robots and AI

  • Deliver courses and curriculum to develop skills

  • Draw out strong regulations on how AI and robots should be used and their role in decision-making


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