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Goal sixteen

Balance the global population.


Goal sixteen's mission statement is to reduce overcrowding and balance our population to help create a more sustainable society for all. 


  • The rise of an aging population 

  • Distorted sex ratios 

  • Overcrowding and congestion are in urban areas and more developed nations


  • Poverty is a leading cause of overpopulation

  • Lack of Educational Resources 

  • Higher death rates lead to booms in the population


  • Overpopulation is a leading cause of global warming, environmental pollution, and habitat loss

  • Deprivation of basic resources including;

       freshwater, land on which            you can cultivate, and fossil        fuels


  • Empower Women and help them get out of poverty

  • Promote Family Planning

  • Educate about the risk of unplanned pregnancies

  • Government incentives

  • Adoption

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Heal the ocean.

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Next goal

Safely integrate A.I. and robotics into society.

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