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goal fifteen

heal the ocean.


Goal fifteen's mission statement is to heal and conserve the ocean.


  • Developmental activities, overfishing, tourism, and energy extraction

  • Vulnerable to climate change

  • High levels of pollution


  • Illegal dumping of wastes by various industries 

  • Land runoff lowers coastal water quality and affects marine ecosystems

  • Copper and gold mining is pollute the oceans, as well.


  • A lack of conservation efforts

  • The degradation of biodiverse coral reefs is especially impactful on island nations

  • Oceans soak up 1/2 the CO2 that enters the atmosphere causing a rise in oceanic temperatures acidification of the ocean


  • Activate the protection of ecosystems by restricting and monitoring human activities 

  • Design better waste disposal systems for households 

  • Enforce civic consciousness into schools through voluntary community clean-up projects.

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Heal the land.

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Balance the global population.

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