goal fourteen

heal the land.


Goal fourteen's mission statement is to heal the land, stop and reduce soil degradation to sustain terrestrial ecosystems, and protect and reverse global biodiversity losses.


  • Climate change, human activities, and industrialization

  • Habitat destruction

  • Companies focused on profit

  • Lack of nutrients

  • Land turned into desert

  • Using farmland for residential areas

  • Poor soil conservation measures


  • Climate change, deforestation, industrialization

  • Oceanic pollution

  • Overexploitation

  • Soil conservation leading to desertification

  • Rapid urbanization

  • Financial incapacity, and lack of resources and education in soil conservation measures.


  • Forestry, farming and fishing will suffer 

  • Increased number of disease-carrying species and mutations

  • Dwindling livestock populations


  • Enact firm policies and guidelines

  • Impose penalties for misuse.

  • Introduce necessary infrastructure to prevent aridity

  • Protect the rights of indigenous people

  • Rehabilitate degraded lands

  • Protect and preserve biodiversity

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