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Goal thirteen

Heal the air.


Goal thirteen's mission statement is to heal the air and solve global warming permanently.


  • Severe weather implications 

  • Lack of scientific talent and research in weather modification

  • Corporations avoiding climate change treaties and conversations

  • Insufficient financial assistance


  • Over reliance on fossil fuels as an energy source

  • Lack of sufficient weather control for agricultural sectors

  • Overemphasis on short-term profits

  • Increased industrialization 


  • Liable to heavy penalties

  • Economic, environmental, and health benefits

  • Oceanic acidification

  • Positive climate changes more arable land to overcome their food and water shortage issues.


  • Introduce laboratory-scale weather modification experiments

  • Incentivize the switch to renewable energy

  • Encourage climate scientists and corporations to work together

  • Enforce mitigation strategies 

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Previous goal

Promote interfaith understanding.

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Next goal

Heal the land.

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