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Goal twelve

Promote interfaith understanding.


Goal twelve's mission statement is to bridge religious differences and promote and practice interfaith understanding.


  • Several global conflicts 

  • Significant hurdles in overcoming differences

  • Low tolerance around the world

  • Religious extremists


  • Differences in opinions and beliefs

  • Ulterior motives (ex. superiority of one religion)

  • Ignoring other faiths and their practices

  • Low religious diversity in schools and workplaces


  • Social and economic implications in the struggle to remain competitive

  • Hostilities between nations through war and conflict, 

  • Make conflicts more difficult to resolve

  • Debates and dialogues can be stifled


  • Encouraging the integration of different cultures

  • Including and understanding other faiths 

  • Teach students to be empathetic, respect other cultures 

  • Introduce student exchange programs

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