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Goal six

Access to clean energy for all.


Goal six's mission statement is to enable everyone across the globe to have sustainable, dependable, affordable, and efficient clean energy.


  • Nonrenewable resources are running out

  • Burning of fossil fuels is harming the environment

  • Clean energy is too expensive for the average household 

  • Renewable energy is harder to get than nonrenewable energy


  • Clean energy is expensive since it is harder to harvest

  • Nonrenewable resources are cheap

  • Clean energy isn't readily available everywhere


  • The burning of fossil fuels is harming the environment

  • Nonrenewable resources are getting over and are not going to be avaliable soon


  • Find an easier way to harvest clean energy

  • Find a cheaper way to harvest clean energy

  • Stop using nonrenewable resources

  • Bangalore Community
    Shilpa Spoorthy +91 910-893-3344 Instagram @ngnbengaluru HIG Colony, Dollars Colony, R.M.V. 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094, India
  • Bhubaneswar Community
    Ipshita Pujari +91 933-086-0875 Instagram @ngnodisha K8 Kalinga Nagar, Kalinganagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751003, India
  • Jalgaon Community
    Pankaj Bhaiya 942-229-6800 Jalgaon, India
  • Mumbai Community
    Tanay Nagar 777-704-9753 Instagram @ngnmumbai Mumbai, India
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Healthcare access for all.

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Education access for all.

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