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goal seven

educational access for all.


Goal seven's mission statement is to make education a universal right for everyone, no matter their family commitments and financial burdens.


  • Lower-income neighborhoods tend to have worse public schools than higher-income schools

  • Private schools are very expensive 

  • College tuition is far to much for the average family


  • Higher-income neighborhoods tend to have better public schools since the homes there pay higher property taxes

  • Private schools and Colleges overcharge as a way to keep themselves prestigious


  • Many people are unable to get a good education due to their location

  • People spend their whole lives paying off their student debt


  • Develop policies that help underprivileged students get into better schools to further their education

  • Decrease college tuition and make it more affordable for people

  • Give everyone the same opportunities and let them work hard to get to where they need to be

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