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Goal eight

promote inclusive economies.


Goal eight's mission statement is to reduce income disparities, lessen wealth gaps, and promote inclusive economies.


  • Increase in wealth disparities across the world

  • A small fraction of top earners control a huge percentage of wealth

  • Negative public wealth in wealthy countries


  • Labor market causes wages to fluctuate greatly 

  • Gender gap issues

  • Trade between richer countries forces local low-skilled workers to compete with labor imports


  • Threat of global poverty

  • Health-related concerns

  • Educational under-performance

  • Substance abuse

  • Increased violence and homicide in impoverished communities


  • Institute more generous minimum wage policies 

  • Prevent education differentials

  • Grant higher income for skilled labor

  • Change tax policies to narrow wealth gaps

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Previous goal

Education access for all.

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Next goal

Build a nonviolent and tolerant society.

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