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Goal nine

Build a nonviolent & tolerant society


Goal nine's mission statement is to create a nonviolent & tolerant atmosphere around the world as well as ensure peace, liberty, and justice for all.


  • Violence against women and girls

  • Physical and mental abuse

  • Political unrest around the globe, resulting in armed conflicts and depravity

  • Misunderstandings and intolerance for other cultures


  • Lack of tolerance for other

  • Lack of discipline  and weak enforcement

  • Chronic stress that arise from poverty and poor mental health

  • Armed conflicts and war

  • Living in violent environments


  • Violence affects people physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives

  • The cost of interpersonal violence contributes to 10% of the US's GDP

  • Youth homicide rates in the US are 10 times that of other industrialized nations


  • Instill preventive measures to promote nonviolence 

  • Provide easier access to counselling centers and similar resources

  • Enforce stricter laws to curb crime rates

  • Increase education regarding discrimination

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Promote inclusive economies.

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Next goal

End corruption in societies. 

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