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goal ten

end corruption in societies.


Goal ten's mission statement is to promote ethical consideration and eliminate corruption and abuse of power in governments, businesses, and societies. 


  • Embezzlement, extortion and bribery occur at all levels of society

  • Corruption is prevalent in governments and businesses of all sizes

  • Rich and developing nations alike are involved in corrupt practices


  • Low wages

  • Illiteracy

  • Feeble job opportunities

  • Lack of strict laws and accountability

  • Lack of transparency in political decisions, policies, selection processes, and job contracts


  • Reduced economic growth

  • Hampers foreign investments

  • Inequality and inequitable income distribution

  • Reduced public trust and credibility of governance

  • Corrupt moral implications on the youth


  • Increase transparency 

  • Improve education and put greater emphasis on morals

  • Ending armed conflicts

  • Provision of resources and employment to refugees 

  • Ensure that public money is utilized on improvements within areas of need

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Build a nonviolent and tolerant society.

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Eliminate gender inequaliity.

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